Philanthropic Coaching and Consulting

My philanthropic coaching is for people who have "more than enough" and want guidance, a process for accountability and resources as they align their philanthropic and/or investment portfolio more fully with their deeply held values. As money is one of the great remaining cultural taboos, it can be easy to isolate and not take the steps you want to more fully activate your personal and financial resources in service of the things you care about. Coaching seeks to increase awareness of how you use your energy, money and time so that they are optimally aligned with your own vision of what is possible. Coaching sessions provide an environment in which to imagine, reflect and stretch into a life where your money is an integral part of fulfilling your destiny. As your coach, I am your intimate traveling companion in this journey of inquiry and action, helping you find the openings through which to move forward.

When it’s working, coaching is the meeting place of being and doing, of vision and action. I serve as a guide to enable you to:

I can also guide you to

Personal note:
As an inheritor myself, I have spent a lifetime seeking to integrate the perceived clash of my money, class position and deeply held values of social justice and ecological consciousness. I inherited wealth through my father, whose grandfather started numerous companies through high level mergers and acquisitions a hundred years ago. My father was a social activist Episcopal bishop and my mother was involved with him in that work and was also a writer. I inherited from them, the combination of social conscience and rarely discussed financial abundance. For the last twenty years I have been consciously and actively involved in integrating my social conscience and my financial and “owning class” heritage Underlying my philanthropic coaching practice is this personal experience in which I have benefited hugely from myriad resources and others engaged in this work of philanthropy, social investment and cross-class conversation and awareness.

photo of Grand Canyon by Marian Moore